end-of-life care

In-Home Euthanasia 

Pets are family and saying goodbye to them comes with many emotions and decisions. We want to make this process as simple as possible so we can give your pet a passing that is peaceful and pain-free. Our in-home service allows your pet to be where they are most comfortable. 

What to Expect

A calming agent will be given prior to the euthanasia procedure. We will walk you through what to expect but most pets relax in 10 - 15 minutes and are under anesthesia. Then the euthanasia solution will be administered and the doctor will listen to the pet’s heart to let you know they have passed. 

HOw do I know when it is Time?

This is the most frequently asked question is and we want to answer any questions you have and give you guidance on this important decision. A teleconsult allows us to discuss your pet’s condition and talk through your concerns with the veterinarian.


Cats and Dogs less than 50 pounds: $235
Dogs greater than 50 pounds: $265
Dogs greater than 100 pounds: $325 (This price reflects the need for an assistant)

Pre-visit sedatives may be necessary at additional cost
Travel fee if outside of service map, dependent on location

After Care & Cremation 

Before the euthanasia appointment, you will decide on after care for your pet. The options available are home burial or cremation. Cremation is available through Heavenly Acres (https://www.heavenlyacresforpets.com/) in Elm Grove. You can choose communal cremation or private cremation. 

For cremation, we will coordinate with you after the appointment is scheduled about handling of the body after euthanasia. There may be additional fees associated depending on the timing of the appointment (evening or Saturday appointment).

Home Burial

You can choose to bury your pet at home if you have a location that is suitable. We can provide a compostable bag at your request. If you choose to bury at home please do so in a fashion that protects wildlife and waterways. 

Communal Cremation 

Your pet will be respectfully cremated with other pets. You will not receive any ashes after cremation.

Private Cremation

Your pet will be cremated separately and remains processed individually. You will have your pet’s ashes returned to you.

You will need to fill out and upload the information form on Heavenly Acres Website.

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